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ArranHostel.com - information about this site. When we were given the opportunity to run Lochranza Youth Hostel we wanted to create a site to give visitors much more information than was possible on the SYHA website. But how could we do it ?

Lochranza Youth Hostel Lochranza Youth Hostel

I had a good knowledge of computing having attained a degree in the subject back in 1997. However since 2002 I had not been employed in computing and had never written a single web page.

Looking in the magazines there were plenty of adverts for starting your own site, but it seemed that there was not the backup and support that I wanted. Then I remembered an article on the website of the company that I was doing a distance learning course with. I dug out the article and this led me to the website of sitesell.com and their Site Build It! (SBI!) product.

Once on their website I soon realised that this was not a get rich quick business, instead it was about building a proper sustainable website with all the tools you could ever need and the backup to go with it.

SBI Video Tour!

I spent many hours reading through the articles and free publications, watching the videos, in fact anything I could find. Believe me, there is plenty of information.

Yes, I did say free publications. Books such as 'Make Your Content PREsell' were written by SiteSell founder Dr Ken Evoy and have helped thousands of entrepeneurs and small businesses get started.

To quote Ken 'The information inside Make Your Content PREsell! is critical to the success of any online business. But no one is showing you how to write to communicate... to connect. Everyone wants to sell you the next great trick, at a high price. Well...

MYCPS! is "the anti-hype." Calmly, it shows you how to write about what you know and love. You will understand how to profit from it fairly, full-value for the money you earn. '

Make Your Content PREsell

The series of books are essential reading for anyone wanting to start their own website business.

It was things like this that really attaracted me to Site Build It! It seemed they really wanted you to make a success of your venture and the people who had sites seemed to want to share with others.

Just looking on the forums as I write this, there are currently over 60 people online, if you have a problem there are people trying to help you, or simply letting others know something they have found. It's what SBI! calls 'paying it forward'. How many website creation companies can you find that at.

So after much research I finally took the plunge and purchased Site Build It! and I carefully followed their Action Guide.

Following the Action Guide closely really is very important. It guides you step by step through the process needed to make your website a success. You learn how to research your proposed site thoroughly. The time spent here shows you whether your great idea can work. It might be dispiriting to find that it won't work, but that's better than finding out months down the line that you have wasted your time.

When you buy Site Build It! it comes with a wealth of tools that make all this research so easy.

Search It!

Why not try one of these tools fo free. Hit the button to try Search It!

From research you are guided through designing a structure, monetising ideas, how to build great content and much much more.

Eventually the day arrives when you are ready to create your website. You have come up with a great name and maybe discussed issues and ideas with people on the forum. Now the real work starts.

Just remember to follow the C - T - P - M process and you will be doing what most website builders fail to do.

SBI! CTPM Process

Worried that you don't know anything about writing web pages? No problem, there are stacks of ready made templates to use and their Blockbuilder tool helps you build a great looking site without the need for any coding skills.

Take a look at some sites created by fellow SBI'ers to see what is possible

SBI! Samples

After a while your confidence should have grown and you may decide to use one of the many web design programs. Again no problem, you can migrate your site really quickly and continue.

So you are now progressing down the road to success. You are writing great content, people are visiting your site, friends on the forum are helping you along. It wasn't so hard and hopefully you will be enjoying it just as much as many other SBI'ers do

I Love SBI!

There are a few things that I want to make very clear

  • This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If that's what you want to waste your time on then you should look elsewhere. It's no coincidence that the SBI! motto is a tortoise.
  • You are building a business and it takes a lot of hard work. BAM - Brain Attitude Motivation- this is what you need to succeed
  • You must be passionate about your site or you will soon fall by the wayside
  • Follow the Action Guide, and don't rush. There is a lot to learn, but that's why it works for you in the long run.

So am I just talking a big sales pitch. Well take the test and you can see how my site is doing. Please bear in mind that I only started it in earnest in January 2010.

SBI! Traffic Test

If you want to drop me a line to discuss Site Build It! further and how it might help you, then I will do what I can to help you.


If you have now done your research and feel ready to order click the button below.

Good luck and enjoy the Journey

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