Arran Attractions

There are a number of Arran Attractions for you to enjoy. Whether it's a visit to a castle, one of our manufacturers of food and drink or simply one of the natural spectacles there is sure to be something to please everyone.

Isle of Arran Distliiery Isle of Arran Distliiery

Historical Sites

Arran has a long and fascinating history. Amongst the oldest remaining sites are the Machrie Moor Stone Circles near Blackwaterfoot. Some of these stone circles date back to Neolithic times.

Isle of Arran Distliiery Isle of Arran Distliiery

Brodick Castle can trace its beginnings back to the 13th Century though more recently it has been used by the Duke of Hamilton and is now under the care of the National Trust. The Castle and its grounds are one of the most visited Arran attractions and are a must see on your visit.

Coming forward in time the 14th Century Lochranza Castle is probably one of the most photographed Arran attractions due to its stunning location.

For a more intimate insight into the local history the Isle of Arran Heritage Museum at Brodick is a fascinating place to visit


Natural Wonders

The most obvious of the natural Arran attractions are the mountains. When you arrive at Brodick the skyline is dominated by Goatfell, at 874 metres (2866 ft) the highest mountain on the island. A popular day walk from Brodick Castle the summit can offer stunnng views of the surrounding areas (that is assuming there is any view at all !)

The Sleeping Warrior The Sleeping Warrior

The best views of the mountains can be had by either taking 'The String' road across the middle of the island or by heading up the Eastern side of the Island towards Lochranza.

Heading south from Brodick you soon arrive at Lamlash. Close to the shore is the rugged Holy Island. Now owned and managed by a Buddhist community they allow visitors to visit the island using the local ferry.

Further along the coast you will arrive at Whiting Bay and from here there is an enjoyable walk to Glenashdale Falls where the falls drop 140ft. Along the way you will also pass the remains of an iron age fort.

Insider Tip.If it has been wet for a few days, Glenashdale Falls is a great place to visit as there will be much more water coming down the falls.

Over on the west side of the Island near Blackwaterfoot there is a pleasant walk to Kings Cave. Local legend has it that this is the cave where Robert the Bruce watched his famous spider.

For anyone with an interest in Geology, Arran is one of the most important places in the country. The must visit spot is Huttons Unconformity near Lochranza where 2 different types of rocks are layered. The lower vertical layer is schist and the upper horizontal layer is sandstone.

From this discovery the 18th century geologist James Hutton realised that the earth was much older than had previously been thought. This discovery was regarded as the geological equivalent of Darwins 'Origin of Species'. A delightful 4 mile walk from Lochranzato Fairy Dell passes the unconformity.

A Taste of Arran

Some of the most popular Arran Attractions are the Island producers who have joined together under the 'Taste of Arran' banner. We are really fortunate to have so many excellent items made on the island and all the ones here have visitor centres, at many of which you can watch the products being made (and maybe have a little taste at some)

The Isle of Arran Distillery is located in Lochranza and was opened as recently as 1995. By 2007 they had been given the award of Scottish Distiller of the Year.

Visitors can enjoy a fully guided tour of the distillery as well as an audio visual presentation. There is also a restaurant and most importantly a shop on site where you can buy a wide range of Whisky and other related products.

Arran Brewery Arran Brewery

Staying on the drinking theme The Arran Brewery is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010. Located near Brodick Castle it is well worth a visit. the Brewery has a visitor centre where you can 'walk through' the process of beer making via a viewing gallery and observation windows. You can end your tour with a complimentary tasting.

Located just a few hundred metres from the Arran Brewery in the former Home farm of Brodick Castle is The Island Cheese Company who sell some wonderful cheeses at their shop. Whilst you are shopping you can watch the cheese being made. Their Arran cheddar with garlic is a particular favourite of ours.

Also in Brodick, but this time on the sea front is the Arran Chocolate Factory. Again you can watch the product being made through a window whilst you drool at the wonderful chocolates on display. Many of the chocolates have unusual ingredients such as Ginger and Champagne.


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