Getting Around Arran

Getting around Arran is quite simple, as there are only a handful of roads on the island. Whether you choose to drive, cycle or use the excellent network of buses, you will be assured of beautiful scenic roads to travel on.

Arran Maps Isle of Arran

Road Network

Getting around Arran is easy, as apart from side roads in the villages, there are only 3 main roads to choose from.

  • The A841 is the main road that runs right round the island. So, it's either a case of keep the sea on your right until you get back to where you started, or go the other way and keep the sea on your left.
  • The B880, which is also known as 'The String' Road, runs across the island from Brodick on the east to Blackwaterfoot on the west coast. There is also 2 minor roads coming off 'The String', one which comes out at Machrie and a road joining Shiskine with the A841
  • A minor road with passing places, known as 'The Ross Road', which runs from Lamlash on the east to near Kilmory on the south coast.

Insider Tip.Watch out for wildlife on the roads. There are often red deer, especially at night. Red squirrels are lovely to see, but not when they are dead on the road.

Parking is limited on the island, please be considerate of other people when you park. Do not block driveways or leave your car where it may cause an obstruction.

Directions for Lochranza Youth Hostel from the ferry terminals can be found here

Bus Network

The island is well served by buses operated by SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport). There are 3 bus routes which all link together and also link with the Brodick ferry making it all very easy for getting around Arran..

Arran Buses Arran Buses are a frequent sight

  • Route 322 - From Brodick to Blackwaterfoot across the island using 'The String'
  • Route 323 - From Brodick to Blackwaterfoot, via Lamlash and Whiting Bay, using the southern half of the A841
  • Route 324 - From Brodick to Blackwaterfoot via Lochranza, using the northern part of the A841

It is therefore possible to combine these routes and use 322 and 323 to do a Southern loop of the island. 322 and 324 will make a Northern loop, whilst 323 and 324 does a coastal loop of the whole island.

It really is a viable option to leave the car at home and travel everywhere using buses.

Bus timetables can be obtained at the Tourist Information offices or it can be downloaded from the SPT website

Bus Tickets

The maximum cost for a single bus journey for an adult is £2.50. Childrern age 5 to 16 travel half price and under 5s are free

If you want to make more use of the buses, then there are a couple of good options

  • The 'Arran Day Rider' ticket is £4.60 for unlimited travel all day and can be purchased on the bus
  • The 'Arran Megarider' is £26.00 and gives one week of unlimited travel. Again it can be purchased on the bus.

Cycling Around the Island

The roads mentioned above all make good cycling routes but can be narrow and twisty so may not be suitable for inexperienced cyclists.

With a total lap of the island being about 58 miles you could make a good holiday by staying at a few different places. Or for shorter rides you can use the 'String' road to make half island loops.

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