Laggan Cottage walk from Lochranza

The Laggan Cottage walk goes past the Cock of Arran and is probably the best low level walk on the Isle of Arran. With stunning views to Bute and the Cumbrae islands and a chance to see some great wildlife it's a walk to savour.

Laggan Cottage Laggan Cottage

Distance 8 miles - Start and finish at the Youth Hostel
Height gain 360M
Road, paths and coastal track. Muddy in places. Rocks can be slippery

The Laggan cottage walk goes around the north coast of Arran passing The Cock of Arran to the very remote Laggan cottage, before climbing a 263m pass which then descends to Lochranza village

The walk goes along the shores of Loch ranza where if it is low tide, seals may often be seen basking on the rocks at the end of the loch. For the fortunate a sight of an otter is a possibility.

After the road ends the walk continues as a path which can be muddy in places.

Cock of Arran The Cock of Arran

Look out for a couple of posts and a small stone circle (it's a recent creation). Close to this on the sea rocks is 'Hutton's Unconformity' where 2 different types of rocks are layered. The lower vertical layer is schist and the upper horizontal layer is sandstone. From this discovery the 18th century geologist James Hutton realised that the earth was much older than had previously been thought. This discovery was regarded as the geological equivalent of Darwins 'origin of species'

Eventually you will reach Fairy Dell cottage and then the Laggan Cottage walk continues along the shore for another 3 miles. The route has a number of rocks and boulders along the shoreline which you will need to navigate your way through. Please take care as these can be slippery when wet.

You will also pass the Cock of Arran rock and the ruins of some old industrial buildings which were used for mining and saltpans.

The cottage at Laggan appears suddenly from behind some rocks and makes an excellent place for a lunch break.

It's then up the hill and over the pass looking out for red deer on the hillsides and golden eagles floating overhead. From the top of the pass you will soon see Lochranza in the distance and it's an easy walk back to the village

Laggan Cottage walk

  • Leave the Youth Hostel and turn right. After about 100 metres turn left on to the North Newton Shore road.
  • Follow this road around the golf course and along the side of the loch. At low tide there may be seals basking on the rocks.
  • At the end of the road continue along a path which becomes grassy and muddy in places.
  • trocky shoreline Rocky shoreline near the Cock of Arran

  • After about 1 mile from the end of the road you will come to ‘Fairy Dell’ Cottage, continue along in front of the cottage staying close to the sea
  • Ahead are large boulders which look to block your way. Pick your way along this area following the faint tracks of other walkers through the rocks.
  • Continue onwards for about 2 miles through a mix of bouldery and grassy areas. Watch out for seals and otters in the sea and golden eagles soaring above you. The large red boulder that you pass is the Cock of Arran
  • Eventually you reach the remains of some old buildings which were used for people coal mining and salt panning
  • Again continue along and after about a mile the white building called Laggan Cottage will suddenly appear behind some rocks.
  • It’s now time to leave the sea and head up the hill. A marker post just before the cottage points the way up a steep grassy path.
  • After a few hundred yards the path becomes more distinct as it passes the ruins of Cock Farm and climbs steadily to the top of the moorland pass at 263m.
  • As you continue along the stony path you may see red deer on the hillsides around you.
  • The path now descends with the Arran Distillery in view. Continue over a small bridge and you will pass a few cottages.
  • At a junction take the dirt road right and you will eventually come out at the North Newton Shore road.
  • From here turn left and retrace the first part of your walk by turning right at the T Junction and on to the hostel.


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