Travel Links

The travel links page is dedicated to telling you about hand picked travel sites both in the U.K and around the world.

All of these sites are written by people with a love of their local area, who want to share their inside knowledge with others. They are not big corporate sites, they are small scale and friendly ones that I'm sure you will enjoy reading.

Maybe you will find a destination to visit that you had not thought about before.

I have checked all these sites and am happy that they are written with passion.

Globe Travel Links

Sites in the U.K

Scotland - Gilbert from is your guide.
Advice for your Scotland visit plus lots on heritage, famous icons and the probability of seeing the Loch Ness Monster! Tour suggestions, places to visit, all written by a native Scot with extensive knowledge of Scotland tourism.




Coming soon European travle site links



USA and Canada


Coming soon USA and Canada travel site links



Rest of the World

Phuket, Thailand - Jeff from is your guide.
Everything you need to know about travelling in Phuket, from a travellers perspective, not a travel agent. Are you looking for some Phuket Travel Secrets and some great tips, or maybe both?










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